Anže Slosar
(史樂山 安澤)

I lead my futile existence as a scientist and a bureaucrat. As a scientist, I work on data and theory related to surveys of the large scale structure of the universe, splitting my time between BOSS, eBOSS, DESI and LSST. As a bureaucrat, I am the group leader of the Cosmology and Astrophysics Group at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, a Department of Energy laboratory. Before coming here, I was working at Berkeley, Oxford, Ljubljana and Cambridge.

  • Contact:
      e-mail: anze AT
      phone: +1 (347) 878 7006

  • Become a postdoc at BNL!

      We are conducting a wide search for a post-doc at Brookhaven National Lab. BNL is a multipurpose research institution within the DOE lab complex, is commutable from NYC and is involved in a number of currently funded (LSST, BOSS, eBOSS, DESI) and planned experiments. We would be particularly happy to hear from data analysis or instrumentation oriented candidates. The full advert is below. For full consideration, applications should be submitted before January 8, 2016. Any inquires regarding the position should be sent to Anže Slosar (anze AT

      Interested candidates should go to and search for a postdoctoral job ID #519. In addition, in order to speed up the process, we would appreciate if candidates could also sent the application pack (cover letter, CV, 3 page proposal directly to anze AT Generic proposals are fine since we judge candidates by their ability to generate new ideas and write coherent text.

  • Become a volunteer software engineer!

      We are scientists and write decent but not very decent code. If you are willing to spend your time with us, I'm offering being part of fundamental research on the inner working of our universe, co-authorship on amazing papers, access to world-class HPC machines, and, 0 cash. If interested, contact me!

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